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  "Utterly delightful"
Reviewed by Ruffina Oseria for Readers' Favorite
"A great read for fans of murder, mystery, and thrillers....A Matter of Honor is a suspenseful narrative that is cunningly developed...George R. Hopkins has a unique gift for storytelling, one that is enriched by the clear narrative voice and the gorgeous prose....It is real. It is filled with humanity. It is utterly delightful."

"Keeps the reader guessing until the end."
Reviewed by Amazon customer Richard D. Diamant

"A great mystery thriller"
Reviewed by Amazon customer Bernard A. Lopez

"Mind boggling!"
Reviewed by Amazon customer Deborah

"Great book in a fantastic series"
Reviewed by Amazon customer C. Westland

"Suspense, drama, and moral dilemmas!
Reviewed by Amazon customer Maria Goldenberg

"Another winner"
Reviewed by Amazon customer Alexander Flint

"An exciting mystery series"
Reviewed by Amazon customer Mudge

"He's done it again!"
Reviewed by Amazon customer

"A superbly written, dark thriller. Highly recommended!"
Reviewed by A Wishing Well

"A gripping read"
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

"The narrative is clear-cut and engaging in true Hopkins's style of murder, hard crimes, suspense and a bit of romance...Overall, A Matter of Honor is a gripping read and longtime fans of Hopkins's Bennis-Cavanaugh series won't be disappointed."

"A really enjoyable novel"
Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

"Set across different countries with a clash of cultures and influences, this intriguing drama examines the nature of honor and the difficulties that follow after the discovery of a violent crime...Overall A Matter of Honor is a really enjoyable novel with instantly vivid characters and a solid yet unexpected series of plot events."

"All mystery readers will love it!"
Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

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Readers Favorite
 "Hard to put down"
Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto

The Staten Island Butcher has many twists and turns and while I knew who was good and who was bad, the chase made it a book that was hard to put down.  George R. Hopkins wrote a true mystery thriller and I look forward to reading more of his works and hopefully more adventures of brothers Jack and Tom.  I can easily see The Staten Island Butcher as a TV movie and already have my favorite actors in mind for each character.  If you enjoy a good whodunit, why and how, then this book is certainly a perfect read for you.

Readers Favorite
 "Great selection for a book club"
Reviewed by Lily Smith

I have read all of the books in this series and love them all but I must say that this is my favorite!  There are so many of life's lessons and viewpoints on morality that it would a great selection for a book club.  The characters are so well developed that I feel I know them. The hardest part is that I can't put the book down so I read it within 2 days, but then am unhappy that it is over. Can't wait for the next sequel!

 "One heck of a psychological thriller"
Reviewed by Viga Boland 

The Staten Island Butcher is one heck of a psychological thriller...This novel by George R. Hopkins is actually a look at the aftermath, in one case, of early childhood abuse; in the other, of PTSD in Vietnam vets. Both situations can and do produce killers.  How and why they act on that killer instinct is what gives The Staten Island Butcher its psychological thriller flavor.  If that kind of reading is your cup of tea, go for it. See how long it takes you to figure out not just who is the Staten Island Butcher, but who the heck is the mysterious and evil Suadela?

 "A must read"
Reviewed by Dorothy Ambrosino

George wrote another great mystery.  A must read...especially if you are a New Yorker, and even more so if you are from Staten Island.

 "Action packed and well written"
Reviewed by C. Westland

The book is a fast read and keeps you engaged until the very end. Action packed and well written, the characters are well developed, Bennis and Cavanaugh continue to excite and engage in this wonderful thriller.

 "A truly delightful read!"
Reviewed by Tom Benevento

The author has taken two separate story lines and skillfully meshed them into a logical, sequential, fast moving and riveting mystery novel.  His shorty chapter (Pattersonian) style of writing encourages one not to put the book aside.  Certainly, any ready who has enjoyed his four previous novels will readily identify with the juxtaposition and development of the main characters.  A truly delightful read!

Reviewed by Margaret Ansbro

Excellent riveting story...well written and so intriguing!!

 "Definite page turner"
Reviewed by Jim Coyle

The book is a definite page turner.  It shows great imagination by author George Hopkins.  I have read other books and this one was terrific. I await the next.

Reviewed by Madeline Gill

The latest adventures of brothers Tom Cavanaugh and Jack Bennis thru Staten Island, Brooklyn, and South America are another example of the author's talent and imagination.  Can't wait for the next book!  BRAVO Mr. Hopkins!

"Fast paced, thrilling and very entertaining"
Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer 

Unholy Retribution: A Murder Mystery/Suspense/Thriller is written by George Hopkins. I am really grateful that there is a writer out there talking about the other side of the picture. Not all Muslims are Jihadists. In the novel, a Muslim driver is killed in cold blood. He was decapitated and Detective Adriana Perez is given the case. Her job is to find the person who has killed this innocent man and she will not hold back, not anymore. The key suspect is Jack Bennis, a priest who was also an ex-Black Ops officer. All clues point to him, but he is not the killer. Together, Bennis and Homicide Detective Tom Cavanaugh will do everything to have the real killer caught and judged for his crimes. However, with more murders and bodies turning up, Perez is under extreme pressure. Will she find the true murderer or will she become a prey to her prejudice and put an innocent man behind bars? 
Fast paced, thrilling and very entertaining, Unholy Retribution is a great novel. It talks about the things which other writers are ignoring, and is doing a great job of it. The characters are smart, believable and very well-developed. In a time when people are against Muslims, Hopkins shows that not everyone is bad. Terrorism is a great threat to the community and religion has nothing to do with it. It is people who are bad and making things worse for everyone else. With his crisp dialogue, sound development and great writing skills, Hopkins has given us a piece of literature that reflects the truth.

 "Thrilling plot right to the end"
Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford 

George Hopkins has written another exciting mystery/ thriller about Detective Tom Cavanaugh and Father Jack Bennis. The plot is thickened with very real scenarios and addresses very current concerns. It also provides a lesson, that evil only intensifies evil and the personal vendetta killings must stop. Not all Muslims are committed to a holy war; not all Catholics abuse children. The author has a penchant for making the characters come to life in realistic situations. This was a very troubling but also thrilling plot right to the end. Well done!  

 "Complex and fast-paced"
Reviewed by Jack Magnus 
Hopkins' characters are authentic and believable, and his plot is both complex and fast-paced. I've read and enjoyed other Bennis/Cavanaugh mysteries in the past and found this one to be every bit as entertaining as its predecessors. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. Unholy Retribution: A Murder Mystery/Suspense/Thriller is most highly recommended.  

Readers' Favorite
 Reviewed by Samantha Rivera

Something strange is going on in Tottenville. First a young woman is killed on her way home after church, and then a second woman is killed in an apparently gang-related drive-by shooting. The bodies are piling up and so are the theories. The bodies are all connected to one single case, a case that they've actually been told is the reason for everything. Now it’s up to Detective Cavanaugh to find out what’s happening and how he can stop it before it’s too late. But when you’re racing against a man who has nothing to lose, there are always a few obstacles in the game. Random Acts of Malice by George R. Hopkins is no exception to that rule.
Detective Cavanaugh is the type of cop that any of us would want on the case. He’s dedicated and he’s loyal. He has integrity and truly believes in doing the best job he can. That’s what makes him the perfect character for this book. Being able to see into the minds and thoughts of the ‘bad guys’ really helps draw you into the action (and there is plenty of action). No one is who they seem to be and even the least likely of characters has a hidden secret. There’s no end to the surprises in Random Acts of Malice by George R. Hopkins and no end to the adventures of each of its characters. The people at the top of the chain aren’t just looking to help some low-level criminal get revenge on the ones who put her away after all; there’s something darker at play. 

Readers' Favorite
Reviewed by Paul Johnson 
I found Random Acts of Malice by George R. Hopkins to be a very well written mystery/detective adventure. The author has put together a good, diverse cast of characters, particularly a former Special Operations soldier, now a Jesuit priest, and his long time homicide detective brother. The plotting was good and moved rapidly along. The dialogue was spot on and a perfect fit for each character. I enjoyed it very much.

2013-2014 Reader Views Literary Award in the Mystery/Thriller/Suspense category - 2nd Place
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (01/14)

George R. Hopkins’ Letters from the Dead has four main characters: A New York City, very tough detective named Tom Cavanaugh; his half-brother, Jack Bennis who is a Jesuit Priest with a questionable past; Mary Jane MacIntyre, a 90 year old woman from a nursing home with a secret; and a serial killer thirsty for revenge for his daughter’s suicide. The reader will discover each of these characters’ stories separately though each chapter only to see them come together in one intriguing plot. Hopkins somehow managed to pull it off along with an impeccable writing style...Hopkins developed an intriguing thriller that kept me glued to the pages.  I was not able to put it down thanks to the combination of interesting characters, pacing and suspense, along with humor.

“Letters from the Dead by George R. Hopkins is definitely an excellent read filled with suspense and plot twists that will keep any reader on the edge of their seats. I strongly recommend it!

  "An exciting page turner"
Reviewed by Albert Balossi 

For me this book was a definite page turner.  The characters are vivid and complex, while the plot twists and turns weave a fine web of mystery and gripping suspense.  I have read Mr. Hopkins' two earlier novels and find this one an excellent sequel to them both.  I recommend it highly.

 "A worthwhile novel"
Reviewed by Ed Quinn 

Letters from the Dead is a spellbinding, complex, entertaining novel created by a gifted writer.  Multiple plots are masterfully woven until they inevitably merge, providing a worthwhile reading experience. Descriptions of the characters, places and things are vividly painted as the mystery develops.

Generally, I am not a fan of fiction, preferring works of a political nature and biographies.  George Hopkins has stimulated a renewed interest in the mystery novel.  Letters from the Dead is truly a worthwhile book and should be widely read.

Reviewed by Thomas Francis 

It is great to stumble upon a book and author that is unknown to you!!!  By chance, I saw the book advertised and it sounded interesting -- I must say I was not disappointed.  I just received the book and I have just finished it.  It was a wonderfully written mystery / suspense novel ----BRAVO--- Mr. Hopkins.  I will look forward to your next work!

 Readers' Favorite Review
Reviewed by Dr. Oliva Dsouza

Letters from the Dead by George R. Hopkins is a thriller that entangles you in the web of intermingling story tracks and keeps you guessing till the end. A clever plot that keeps the reader engrossed throughout and leaves one wanting more. The best part of the story is the way that Father Jack Bennis logically arrives at the identity of the killer. Overall, an excellent book that is highly recommended for its plot and wonderfully crafted characters.

 Readers' Favorite Review
Reviewed by Maria Beltran

Letters from the Dead is one of George Hopkins' most haunting novels...This mystery murder story has a great potential to grab the reader's undivided interest. A serial killer on the loose in Staten Island, a forbidden love, an aging detective, and the most important element, a letter that comes from the dead. All these come together to create a story packed with action and suspense.  

 Readers' Favorite Review 
Reviewed by Jack Magnus

This is an exciting mystery that offers plenty of red herrings to mystery fans as they watch Cavanaugh and his half-brother, Jack Bennis, try to find the killer. Mystery buffs will also enjoy Cavanaugh's habit of quoting Charlie Chan throughout the work. There is a lot of action and entwined plots to keep them thinking and a number of possible suspects to consider. Cavanaugh is an intriguing character, one who I'd like to see in other mystery tales as well. His half-brother, Jack Bennis, ex-soldier and current Jesuit priest, is also compelling. Their interaction throughout the work is fun to watch. I recommend this book -- it's a lot of fun.

Hazel DeForrest Shea

Once again, we meet the enigmatic former Special Forces expert, now a priest, Black Jack Bennis - usually known as Father John or Padre.  As might be expected, he is on the track of, and tracked by, evil forces set in motion by his past.

His half-brother, New York City Detective Tom Cavanaugh, becomes embroiled in a possible serial-killer case, the Maple Syrup murders, where young women are killed, mutilated, then doused with maple syrup, with a note left incriminating Cavanaugh.  Much of the case takes place on Staten Island, where Cavanaugh's girl friend lives, who also happens to be the granddaughter of a mob "godfather," Vito Muscatelli, now in an Island nursing home.

Father Bennis leaves for Cuba, for reasons both of this world and beyond, and finds he has not escaped those on his trail who would do him harm.  He finds friends in Cuba, and even begins charitable work in an Havana hospital and cathedral.  He meets Hector, a Babalawo, a Santeria priest, who encourages him in righteousness.  Not easy when the sensuous nurse, Maria Izabella, seems attracted to him.

The story moves between Cuba and Staten Island, and the changes are never confusing, but only add excitement, as Cavanaugh follows his brother to Havana, somehow knowing he's in danger - which, of course, he is.

The action moves quickly, with many twists and turns, revelations and interwoven plots.  The characters crackle with life, but the one who takes center stage is Father Bennis, who, in the author's words, is "Jack, the soldier, who thought he could turn to God by becoming a priest, but who continued to find himself in the killing zone."

Reviewed by Dr. Dennis J. Carroll, Fellow author
Collateral Consequences,
by George R. Hopkins, reprises some of the characters appearing in Blood Brothers, his first novel.  Like Blood Brothers, Collateral Consequences is about the New York City Police Department, the Catholic Church and two Irish-American brothers, Tom Cavanaugh, a seasoned Homicide Detective and his brother, Jack, a fugitive priest living in Cuba, who function within their respective worlds.

Set against the backdrop of a serial killer operating in New York City, the novel's action takes place alternately between the five boroughs of New York City and the island of Cuba.  Hopkins' depictions of Staten island, its communities and people reflect the realities of their every-day lives where his hero, Homicide Detective Cavanaugh functions as well as any copy can within a civilian world, where we versus them is always a given.

Collateral Consequences is a contemporary journey into a private heart of darkness complicated by the pull of family loyalty, individual interests and motivations, moral choices and their ruthless disregard.

Dr. Dennis J. Carroll is the author of Cops and Priests.  His work has appeared in the Sunday New York Times Book Review and his fiction on Amazon

 "Great balance of suspense and intrigue"
Reviewed by Katy Coyle

Detective Thomas Cavanaugh and cast live lives surrounded by murder, memories, revenge and redemption.  Embark on their journeys as they engage and entangle to reveal the true villains and the unlikely heroes.  The twists and turns will take you on a most tantalizing trip - one you won't want to miss!

Collateral Consequences has a great balance of suspense and intrigue while still being light and an enjoyable read.

"A fast paced thriller" 
Reviewed by Albert Palossi 

I have read many, many mystery novels over the years.  From my reading experience, I can, in my mind, separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to judging what I like and don't like in mystery books.  Reading Collateral Consequences, I found myself right there on scene like a fly on the wall.  The tension was palpable, the suspense gripping and most of all the descriptions of characters as well as time, place and settings are painted with a fine velvet brush that makes the plot and the intricacy of circumstances truly believable for me.  This book is a gripping page turner and I found it hard to put down until the very last page had been read.  The characters come to life and are real, not shallow two dimensional cardboard figures.  The nimble writing evokes emotional tension of like and dislike in the mind of the reader as we might for the flesh and blood person we personally know.

I don't have to be a professionally trained critic.  For me judging a book is like eating ice cream.  I don't have to take a course in tasting to appreciate all the nuances of flavor.  If I like it, it's good and I want more.  As for Collateral Consequences, I can hardly wait for the sequel.

Reviewed by Alexander Flint 

New York City Detective Thomas Cavanaugh comes through again. Filled with exciting scenes amid a suspense filled atmosphere this sequel to Blood Brothers lives up to all my expectations. Author George Hopkins had better search for a good Hollywood agent because this is a movie waiting to be made. I can't wait to see it.

Probing the Ties that Bond Men

Hazel DeForrest Shea - Staten Island Sunday Advance, April 24, 2005

Blood Brothers truly probes the myriad ties of brotherhood:  From the mob €œfamily€ and the brothers in blue, the police, to a gang of teenagers and men of the cloth, united as brothers in Christ.

The story opens with a stunning confessional scene, where, instead of repentance, a killer whispers in the dark, "€œI will kill again."

A priest, Fr. Jack Bennis, "Black Jack"€ in another life, is not the simple, holy man he seems to be to his parishioners at St. Agnes and his students at the local Catholic school where he teaches.

Fr. Bennis is called upon to preach at the funeral of mob boss Rocco Muscatelli, who was gunned down outside a lavish restaurant, where his bodyguard was also wounded.  Police are without a clue, despite teens who witnessed the crime, a mysterious van videotaping the scene, and the able, if womanizing, homicide detective Thomas Cavanaugh, who is Fr. Bennis' estranged half-brother, on the case.

Fr. Bennis feels the need to comfort the family, longtime St. Agnes parishioners, but he agonizes over what to say at Muscatelli'€™s funeral.  As the author points out, "Words from Shakespeare, not Jesus, ran through his mind.  Tomorrow, he would go to bury Muscatelli, not to praise him.  While the evil that men do lives after them, the good they have done is often interred with their bones.  But what good had Muscatelli ever done?"€

Rocco'€™s father, Vito, now a resident of a Staten Island nursing home, and the real head of the Muscatelli family, goes into action, seeking the killer of his son, and any witnesses, such as the missing tens and the van.

Another mob murder follows, and Vito's headstrong grandson goes way beyond what his grandfather intended, resulting in another bloodbath for the police to puzzle over.

In the background lurks a true assassin the former CIA agent Howard Stevens, who once worked with Black Jack Bennis.  Hoping to enlist Jack in a secret cause, Stevens had to admit, "Men like Bennis" will ultimately always lose because they never learn that in politics and war, it is frequently necessary to rise above one'€™s principles.

Readers can admire the efficiency and cold skill of the trained assassin portrayed here, as well as the relentless ability of men of the law to track him down and corner him.  This is the game that mystery readers cherish, and the author, George R Hopkins of Prince's Bay, has drawn us into its web with a suspenseful story well told.

What more could a reader want?  Except, perhaps, an intriguing surprise ending?

Reviewed by Bob von Doussa 

A thriller well worth reading I found the book a gripping read and hard to put down once started. The author's character descriptions bring each to life and the plot becomes more intriguing with each chapter. This is a thriller that will hold the reader's attention until the unpredictable and fascinating ending that I hope will lead to a future sequel. 

Reviewed by Frances Hogan 

Mystery and intrigue This book was not only a surprise read but it also left room for a sequel which I look forward to. I particularly enjoyed the characters which were well-developed and had interesting personalities. The plot was intriguing and created suspense. I am not familiar with this author; however, I certainly hope he continues to write. He was able to tell a story with imagination and great humor. 

 "I couldn't put it down"
Reviewed by John F. McMullen 

In 311 pages, Hopkins is able to blend in the CIA, NYPD, New York Mafia, Society of Jesus (Jesuits), and a 40 year old vendetta against Fidel Castro into a fast-paced mystery adventure. The twists in the story are as numerous as the bodies which keep turning up. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down. Since this appears to be Hopkins' first novel, I suggest he has a bright future.


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