George R. Hopkins

Random Acts of Malice

"I learned early in life things don't always turned out the way we planned.  This is one theme running through Random Acts of Malice." --George R. Hopkins


Homicide detective Tom Cavanaugh is tasked with investigating the truth behind threatening letters sent from a prisoner in a women's correctional facility to a childhood friend, now a criminal judge.  Are the threats real or the imagination of a prisoner looking for preferential treatment?

The urgency of the investigation increases as, one by one, people involved with the manslaughter conviction of a woman who tied a ten-month-old child to a radiator start dying.  As Cavanaugh tries to unravel the murders and find the person or persons responsible, his brother, Jesuit priest Jack Bennis, joins the hunt as he thinks he knows the assassin is someone who once tried to kill him and has a personal grudge against him. As the mystery unfolds, more and more people die.

Can the detective and the priest stop this ruthless killer and the force behind him before he completes his mission? 

Readers' Favorite
Reviewed By Natasha Jackson

When you begin to read the first few pages of 
Random Acts of Malice, you know that author George R. Hopkins has prepared a thrill ride for you. A woman, Cindy, is rushing from Mass to teach a class of young children when she is brutally murdered. Just from that, I was already hooked. 

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