George R. Hopkins

Blood Brothers

“The two central characters seek to solve crime in their own different and sometimes unique ways.  One is a detective and the other a Jesuit priest.  Brothers separated by their lives but bound by blood."  -- George R. Hopkins

If some days are diamonds, Howard Stevens found out on the morning of April 6, 1976, some days are stone. But fate can play tricks. Returning from a clandestine assassination mission in Columbia, Stevens is despondent. His mission was successful, but he lost his closest friend and the strength of his group. A message in his room at the L’Enfant Plaza, however, sends him on another mission - a mission of personal revenge and the financial means to accomplish his task - to assassinate Fidel Castro.

Blood Brothers follows Stevens as he tries to avenge the death of his brother during the Bay of Pigs Invasion by devising an elaborate plot to blackmail a Brooklyn crime boss. His plans are upset, however, when an unknown assassin kills the son of the crime boss in front of Stevens’ surveillance team. As Stevens attempts to identify the assassin, so do the New York City Police Department including homicide detectives Thomas Cavanaugh and Morton Goldberg. Despite their differences in temperament, religion, and life style, the two detectives follow the trail of the killer as it brings them closer to truths they may not want to accept. Along the way, a group of teenagers, who saw the killing and who try to avoid involvement, are drawn inexorably into the conflict. In the final chapters, Stevens finds himself pursued by police through Greenwood Cemetery and the streets of Brooklyn. Ultimately, brother faces brother, killer faces killer, friend faces friend, and each of the characters must choose between duty and loyalty.

I read it in one day -- and really liked it
John F. McMullen - October 4, 2005
In 311 pages, Hopkins is able to blend in the CIA, NYPD, New York Mafia, Society of Jesus (Jesuits), and a 40 year old vendetta against Fidel Castro into a fast paced mystery adventure. The twists in the story are as numerous as the bodies which keep turning up. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down. Since this appears to be Hopkins' first novel, I suggest he has a bright future.

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